Data Service REST API

Read First! This Data Service REST API page assumes you've already read the REST APIs Overview page.


The GameSparks platform allows you to manage the data you store on the platform using the Game Data Service via a REST interface. You can use this REST API to control your game's data directly and without having to do this via the GamesSparks platform.

All the communication is based on a JSON payload.

This topic lists the REST API calls used by the Data Type Explorer:

Warning! A limit is imposed of 1000 calls per second (per API Key) to the Game Data Service.


The Data Service REST API uses the GameSparks JSON web token authentication type. For further details, see the GameSparks JSON WEB Token section on the REST APIs Overview page.

REST Endpoint

All of these APIs are accessed from the cluster-manage endpoint, similar to the existing REST API for NoSQL access. Prefix is always:


GET datatypes

Lists the datatypes that currently exist in the Data Service


GET restv2/game/{apiKey}/data/datatypes

GET itemId

Retrieve an item from the data service by ID


GET restv2/game/{apiKey}/data//{type}/{itemId}


Delete an item from the data service by ID


DELETE restv2/game/{apiKey}/data/{type}/{itemId}


Delete all items from a data type


DELETE restv2/game/{apiKey}/data/{type}

PUT item

Create or update an item in the data service by ID


PUT restv2/game/{apiKey}/data/{type}/{itemId}

POST query

Query for items in the data service.

The query body is the JSON document for query:


POST restv2/game/{apiKey}/data/{type}/query

Example 1 – Query Body


Example 2 – Query Body