Message sent to a player when they have been awarded an achievement within the game.

This message may be triggered by a leaderboard or a script.

The player may have gained a virtual good or virtual currency as a result of gaining the award.

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Request Parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
achievementName No string The name of achievement.
achievementShortCode No string The short code of the achievement.
currency1Earned No string The amount of type 1 currency earned.
currency2Earned No string The amount of type 2 currency earned.
currency3Earned No string The amount of type 3 currency earned.
currency4Earned No string The amount of type 4 currency earned.
currency5Earned No string The amount of type 5 currency earned.
currency6Earned No string The amount of type 6 currency earned.
currencyAwards No JSON An object containing the short codes and amounts of the currencies credited to the player
messageId No string A unique identifier for this message.
notification No boolean Flag indicating whether this message could be sent as a push notification or not.
scriptData No ScriptData[] ScriptData is arbitrary data that can be stored in a message by a Cloud Code script.
subTitle No string A textual title for the message.
summary No string A textual summary describing the message's purpose.
title No string A textual title for the message.
virtualGoodEarned No string The name of the virtual good that was earned.

Nested types


A collection of arbitrary data that can be added to a message via a Cloud Code script.

Parameter Type Description
myKey string An arbitrary data key
myValue JSON An arbitrary data value.

Code Samples


    AchievementEarnedMessage.Listener = (message) => {
    string achievementName = message.AchievementName;
    string achievementShortCode = message.AchievementShortCode;
    string currency1Earned = message.Currency1Earned;
    string currency2Earned = message.Currency2Earned;
    string currency3Earned = message.Currency3Earned;
    string currency4Earned = message.Currency4Earned;
    string currency5Earned = message.Currency5Earned;
    string currency6Earned = message.Currency6Earned;
    GSData currencyAwards = message.CurrencyAwards;
    string messageId = message.MessageId;
    bool? notification = message.Notification;
    GSEnumerable<GSData> scriptData = message.ScriptData;
    string subTitle = message.SubTitle;
    string summary = message.Summary;
    string title = message.Title;
    string virtualGoodEarned = message.VirtualGoodEarned;

ActionScript 3

        function (message:AchievementEarnedMessage):void {
        var achievementName:String = message.getAchievementName(); 
        var achievementShortCode:String = message.getAchievementShortCode(); 
        var currency1Earned:String = message.getCurrency1Earned(); 
        var currency2Earned:String = message.getCurrency2Earned(); 
        var currency3Earned:String = message.getCurrency3Earned(); 
        var currency4Earned:String = message.getCurrency4Earned(); 
        var currency5Earned:String = message.getCurrency5Earned(); 
        var currency6Earned:String = message.getCurrency6Earned(); 
        var currencyAwards:Object = message.getCurrencyAwards(); 
        var messageId:String = message.getMessageId(); 
        var notification:Boolean = message.getNotification(); 
        var scriptData:Vector.<ScriptData> = message.getScriptData(); 
        var subTitle:String = message.getSubTitle(); 
        var summary:String = message.getSummary(); 
        var title:String = message.getTitle(); 
        var virtualGoodEarned:String = message.getVirtualGoodEarned(); 


    [listener onGSAchievementEarnedMessage:^(GSAchievementEarnedMessage* message) {
    NSString* achievementName = [message getAchievementName]; 
    NSString* achievementShortCode = [message getAchievementShortCode]; 
    NSString* currency1Earned = [message getCurrency1Earned]; 
    NSString* currency2Earned = [message getCurrency2Earned]; 
    NSString* currency3Earned = [message getCurrency3Earned]; 
    NSString* currency4Earned = [message getCurrency4Earned]; 
    NSString* currency5Earned = [message getCurrency5Earned]; 
    NSString* currency6Earned = [message getCurrency6Earned]; 
    NSDictionary* currencyAwards = [message getCurrencyAwards]; 
    NSString* messageId = [message getMessageId]; 
    BOOL notification = [message getNotification]; 
    NSArray* scriptData = [message getScriptData]; 
    NSString* subTitle = [message getSubTitle]; 
    NSString* summary = [message getSummary]; 
    NSString* title = [message getTitle]; 
    NSString* virtualGoodEarned = [message getVirtualGoodEarned]; 


        new GSEventConsumer<AchievementEarnedMessage>() {
            public void onEvent(AchievementEarnedMessage message) {
        String achievementName = message.getAchievementName(); 
        String achievementShortCode = message.getAchievementShortCode(); 
        String currency1Earned = message.getCurrency1Earned(); 
        String currency2Earned = message.getCurrency2Earned(); 
        String currency3Earned = message.getCurrency3Earned(); 
        String currency4Earned = message.getCurrency4Earned(); 
        String currency5Earned = message.getCurrency5Earned(); 
        String currency6Earned = message.getCurrency6Earned(); 
        GSData currencyAwards = message.getCurrencyAwards(); 
        String messageId = message.getMessageId(); 
        Boolean notification = message.getNotification(); 
        String subTitle = message.getSubTitle(); 
        String summary = message.getSummary(); 
        String title = message.getTitle(); 
        String virtualGoodEarned = message.getVirtualGoodEarned(); 


    using namespace GameSparks::Core;
    using namespace GameSparks::Api::Messages;
    void OnAchievementEarnedMessage(GS& gsInstance, const AchievementEarnedMessage& message)
    gsstl::string achievementName = message.getAchievementName(); 
    gsstl::string achievementShortCode = message.getAchievementShortCode(); 
    gsstl::string currency1Earned = message.getCurrency1Earned(); 
    gsstl::string currency2Earned = message.getCurrency2Earned(); 
    gsstl::string currency3Earned = message.getCurrency3Earned(); 
    gsstl::string currency4Earned = message.getCurrency4Earned(); 
    gsstl::string currency5Earned = message.getCurrency5Earned(); 
    gsstl::string currency6Earned = message.getCurrency6Earned(); 
    GSData currencyAwards = message.getCurrencyAwards(); 
    gsstl::string messageId = message.getMessageId(); 
    Optional::t_BoolOptional notification = message.getNotification(); 
    gsstl:vector<GSData> scriptData = message.getScriptData(); 
    gsstl::string subTitle = message.getSubTitle(); 
    gsstl::string summary = message.getSummary(); 
    gsstl::string title = message.getTitle(); 
    gsstl::string virtualGoodEarned = message.getVirtualGoodEarned();