Challenges allow you to set up multiplayer game mechanics to encourage players to get their friends to play with each other. Challenges can be configured with a wide variety of options. They can be between one or more players and they can have start and end dates associated with them. You can also limit the number of game plays that can be posted against each Challenge. The platform manages all of this for you and issues appropriate messages which are triggered by Challenge Events.

You can exploit the wide configurability available to Challenges to fulfil a diverse range of game-play scenarios, such as:

Tutorials? You can find tutorials on how to set up and work with Challenges here.

FAQs? You can review Frequently Asked Questions about Challenges.

Managing Challenge Configurations

The Configurator > Challenges page displays the list of Challenges and allows you to create new Challenges and edit or delete existing ones.

You can use the following options (highlighted above):

Creating a New Challenge Configuration

1. Click to Add a new Challenge. The page adjusts:

2. Enter the details for the new Challenge:

3. Click to Save and Close the new Challenge.

More on Challenges? For more details on understanding all aspects of Challenges and how to test them, see this tutorial.