The Integrations page allows you to integrate with 3rd-party external providers and configure a multitude of external, social authentications within the GameSparks platform. The set up process for most Integrations is straightforward - you simply enter the App Id and the App Secret supplied by the external provider for your game.

3rd-Party Authentication Tutorials! You'll find detailed tutorials on how to set up authentication with GameSparks through many of the supported 3rd-party external providers here.

FAQs? You can review Frequently Asked Questions about integrations with 3rd-party external providers.

Managing External Integrations

1. In the portal, go to Configurator > Integrations.

2. Click the external provider you want to integrate with your game in GameSparks. For example, Facebook:

3. Click Edit to change the configuration settings for the external provider.

Don't See the 3rd-Party Provider? If you don't see the 3rd-party provider you want to set up in the Integrations page, go to your Game Overview page and click to Edit your game. You can select the 3rd-party providers you want in your game on the Features & Integrations tab.

Facebook Integration

Integrations>Facebook allows you to set up Facebook Authentication for your game. An in-depth tutorial can be found here.

Twitter Integration

Integrations>Twitter allows you to set up Twitter Authentication for your game. An in-depth tutorial can be found here.

Google Play Integration

Integrations>Google allows you to set up Google Play Authentication for your game.

Apple Integration

Integrations>Apple allows configuring IOS Push Notifications as well as IOS IAPs for your game.

Microsoft Integration

Integrations>Microsoft allows configuring Windows Push Notifications for your game.

Amazon Integration

Integrations>Amazon allows you to set up Amazon Authentication as well as Amazon IAPs for your game.

Steam Integration

Integrations>Steam allows you to set up Steam Authentication.

Twitch Integration

Integrations>Twitch allows you to set up Twitch Authentication, for your game. An in-depth tutorial can be found here.

Kongregate Integration

Integrations>Kongregate allows you to set up Kongregate Authentication for your game. An in-depth tutorial can be found here.

PSN Integration

Integrations>PSN allows you set up PSN Authentication for your game.

There are options for which PSN network endpoints authentication will use for both the Preview and Live stages of your game:

So, once your game is published, you can turn off these settings for Live so that your game connects to the production PSN networks and not the QA or Dev ones.

For ongoing game development, you can exploit these options to manage the release and continued development of your game:

Viber Integration

Integration with Viber is dealt with on a by-request basis. Please contact Customer Support if you are interested in integrating with this 3rd-party provider.

WeChat Integration

You don't need to perform any set up in the portal for WeChat authentication, because all of the required information is contained in your WeChat Connect Requests.

QQ Integration

Integrations>QQ allows you set up QQ Authentication for your game.

Nintendo Integration

Integrations>Nintendo allows you set up Nintendo Authentication for your game.