Leaderboards are typically restricted to tracking and reporting the leading players in a game. GameSparks Leaderboards offer you a much wider and flexible scope, both for tracking comparisons within your player pool and for controlling how comparisons are displayed in-game to the players:

Managing Leaderboard Configurations

The Configurator Leaderboard page displays the list of Leaderboards and allows you to create new Leaderboards and edit or delete existing ones:

You can use the following options (highlighted above):

Creating a Leaderboard Configuration

Click Add to create a new Leaderboard.

Creating Leaderboard Fields

To complete a Leaderboard configuration, you can add Fields. Each Field refers to a Running Total Collector.

Selecting Running Totals? When you start to add fields for your Leaderboard's Running Total Collectors, you can select from two kinds of Running Total - (i) Event/Attributes you've created and which qualify as System Generated Running Totals or (ii) custom User Configured Running Totals that you've configured for a Leaderboard's specific purpose. For simple ranking Leaderboards, you can use a System Generated Running Total that uses the appropriate aggregation type. For more complex Leaderboards, such as one that tracks the most improved player at a specific game level or most improved player over the last month, a custom User Configured Running Total will be required. For more information, see Running Totals.

In the Fields panel, click to Add fields to a Leaderboard:

Deleting Leaderboard Fields

You can click the delete icon to remove a Field from your Leaderboard.

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