Matchmaking allows players to be matched based on common attributes they share within a game. Using entirely customized threshold criteria and time-based rounds of matching, players can be strictly or loosely matched with an unlimited level of precision.

Tutorials? You can find tutorials on how to set up and work with Matches here.

Matchmaking Availability? The Matchmaking feature is no longer available to games created on or after February 19th, 2019, or for games created before February 19th, 2019 that had not yet used the feature. If you require Matchmaking for your game and do not have access under your current plan, please contact us to discuss the Enterprise Pricing Tier.

FAQs? You can review Frequently Asked Questions about creating and managing your Matches.

Managing Match Configurations

The Configurator > Matches page displays the list of existing Match configurations, allows you to create new Match configurations, and lets you edit or delete existing ones.

You can use the following options (highlighted above):

Creating a Match Configuration

1. Click Add to add a new Match. The page adjusts:

2. Click to Add the Thresholds you want for your Match:

3. Enter details for each Threshold:

At Least One! You must add at least one Threshold to a Match. If you don't have at least one Threshold in the Match, when you try to matchmake from the client you will get an error.

4. You can use the Custom Script panel to add a script for your Match:

The Custom Script you add for your Match configuration allows you to control what happens to a Pending Match when players either join or leave the Match. The script you add here:

Custom Scripts - More Details? For more details of how to work with Custom Scripts for Matches, see the Working with Custom Scripts section on the How to Match Players page. For a list of the methods you can use to build the script, see Appendix 1 at the bottom of that page.