FAQs - Real-Time

I'm a relatively new user of the GameSparks service and plan to build real-time multiplayer games. Is there an introduction to working with GameSparks Real-Time I can review?

Yes. We strongly recommend that you review the Understanding GameSparks Real-Time tutorial before you start building your game.

I want to ensure that my networked multiplayer real-time game is designed to optimize performance. Do you have any guidelines I can consult on this?

Yes. The Real-Time Best Practices tutorial is written specifically to help our customers build a game using GameSparks Real-Time that performs well for their players.

Can I use GameSparks Real-Time in my project?

The GameSparks Real-Time feature is reserved for customers who are on our Enterprise Pricing Tier. Please contact us here if you would like to discuss using this feature with us.

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