Cloud Code

Interception Points for Cloud Code

The GameSparks platform uses the concept of interceptors to trigger the execution of Cloud Code scripts. There are 4 key interception points:

Request / Response Interceptors

Event / Challenge Event Interceptors

Event and Challenge Event interceptors are specialized versions of the standard Request interceptors:

Message Interceptors

When a message is created in the GameSparks platform, it contains a list of target players the message should be sent to. A player message object is then created for each player and sent directly to them. This process allows you to bind code to both global message creation and player message delivery. A good example of where this is useful is when a challenge starts - a single ChallengeStartedMessage is created that you can execute script against to ensure a particular set of code is only executed once for a challenge:

More Details on Cloud Code? For details on how to create and configure Cloud Code scripts, see the Writing Cloud Code page.

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