Development Process

The GameSparks platform follows best practice in content management processes and provides a simple workflow for managing the life cycle of your game.

When you initially create your game within the platform, it's in a Preview stage. This means:

Note: You shouldn't launch your game while the client is using the Preview servers because players' devices will not be able to connect once the concurrency limit is reached!

Taking a Snapshot and Publishing

At any point during development you might want to create a version of the configuration that you can either publish or save. To do this, you take a Snapshot. When you take a Snapshot, the platform records all of your configuration into a configuration set:

To publish your game, you select the Snapshot you want to use and click the publish icon. This copies the configuration set to the Live servers, overwriting any previous configuration for the game.

At this point, the configuration between the Preview and Live servers is separated. You can make changes to other versions in the developer portal and the Snapshot published to the Live servers is not affected. This allows you to work on the next version of your game or make a minor update to the game and test it before you go through the publish process again. If you are working on a significant update, you might be in a position where your Preview stage configuration is very different to your game's Live stage configuration.

Snapshot Publishing Blocked? If your game is Development Pricing Tier, you won't be able to publish a Snapshot to Live. For details of how to upgrade your game's Pricing Tier, please see the Game Overview page.

Going Live Checklist! Before you attempt to create a Snapshot of your game and publish it to Live, please review the Going Live Checklist to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Reverting to Snapshots and Bug Fixing

If there is an urgent bug fix that needs to be applied to the Live stage, you can do this without disrupting work-in-progress on updates or new versions.

You can select the Snapshot that is published and revert to that one. This copies the configuration set from the Snapshot to the developer portal (and the Preview servers). You can fix the bug and test the change before taking a new Snapshot and (re)publishing the Live service.

What about my update version before I reverted to the published Snapshot?

A Snapshot of the update you had been working on was automatically taken, so you can then revert to that to get back into the state you were in before you started the fix.

More on Snapshots? For more details on creating and publishing game configuration Snapshots, see the Snapshots page.