System Limits

The following limits are applied to the GameSparks API and Portal.

Fair Usage Policy! Although the following describes the limits of the GameSparks platform, please take the time to read our Fair Usage Policy.

Data Storage

Data Storage Limit Resource Link
Game Data Type document size Less than 400kb N/A
MongDB maximum document size Limit imposed by MongoDB. MongoDB Resource

Data Transfer

Data Transfer Type Limit
API Request 256KB
API Response 4MB
Downloadable asset 20MB
Uploadable asset maximum file size of 3.5MB
POST (REST API and Data Explorer) 4MB
Packet Size 1400 bytes

Real-Time Recommendations? For recommended bandwidth usage and maximum players for Real-Time games, please see here.

Concurrent Users - Preview only

No concurrency limit is applied to our Live API.

However, because Preview is only intended for development and internal testing purposes, the following limit is applied:

Concurrently Connected Users Limit
Live None
Preview 100
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