System Limits

The following limits are applied to the GameSparks API and Portal.

Usage Limits Exceeded? For details of the errors you will see if you exceed any of the usage limits imposed on the GameSparks service by Pricing Tier, and what to do if you want to increase those limits, see below.

Data Storage

Data Storage Limit Resource Link
Game Data Type document size Less than 400kb N/A
MongoDB maximum document size Limit imposed by MongoDB. MongoDB Resource

Data Transfer

Data Transfer Type Limit
API Request 256KB
API Response 4MB
Downloadable asset 20MB
Uploadable asset maximum file size of 3.5MB
POST (REST API and Data Explorer) 4MB
Packet Size 1400 bytes

Real-Time Recommendations? For recommended bandwidth usage and maximum players for Real-Time games, please see here.

Concurrently Connected Users (CCUs)

The limit imposed on the number of concurrently connected users (CCUs) for your game depends upon the game's Pricing Tier - please see our Usage Limits and Fair Usage Policy webpage for details.

What counts as a connected user for the limit imposed on the number of CCUs?

For an explanation of how CCUs is calculated for your game and how to tell if you have reached your limits, please see our Self-Service Pricing FAQs page.

Errors when Exceeding Usage Limits

The following table lists the error messages you'll receive if you exceed any of the limits imposed on service usage for your current Pricing Tier and which are listed here.

Error Limit Exceeded
RUNTIME_CCU_PREVIEW Number of concurrently connected users (CCUs) in Preview
RUNTIME_CCU_LIVE Number of concurrently connected users (CCUs) in Live
RUNTIME_API_REQUESTS_PREVIEW_SECOND Number of API Request per second in Preview
RUNTIME_API_REQUESTS_LIVE_SECOND Number of API Request per second in Live
MONGODB_MAX_DATABASE_MB_PREVIEW Amount of data storage in Preview
MONGODB_MAX_DATABASE_MB_LIVE Amount of data storage in Live

What can I do if I want to increase my service usage limits?

If your game is on the Standard or Enterprise Pricing Tier, you can raise a support ticket:

Note that it can take several business days to process these requests, so please provide as much detail as you can upfront.

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