FAQs - Unity

How do I end a player session on the client side?

You can send an EndSessionRequest to do this.

How do I use a custom Credential?

You can select to use a custom Credential by selecting GameSparks in the top menu and then clicking Edit Settings. You can then use the Credential field to enter the custom Credential you want to use. For more details on how to create and configure custom Credentials for your game, please see the Security Credentials documentation page.

What version of Unity does GameSparks currently support?

We aim to support the latest non-beta version of Unity. If you have any specific issues, please post in our Forums and make us aware of any errors you are seeing.

How do I enable verbose logging?

Select GameSparks in the top menu and then click Edit Settings. You can then enable the Debug Build check box.

Can I access scriptData in Unity?

Yes. For details of how to access and work with scriptData in Unity, see the Accessing scriptData in Unity tutorial.

Unity scriptData responses are returning null, what could be the cause of this?

The various Getter functions available for GSData are type-specific. It's important to use the correct Getter method in Unity to get friends from response/message scriptData - GetString for String, GetGSData for Object, and so on. Otherwise, it will always return null.

Yes. For details of how to do this, see the following Tips & Tricks article.

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