Construct 2 Cloud Code

Read First! For understanding this topic, we assume you've followed the Cloud Code getting started tutorial.

We’ve set up our Event in Cloud Code and now we want to be able to get and set the position from our Construct 2 game. You can build an X and Y function instead of an XYZ function by simply omitting the Z variable for each of the steps in the tutorial.


Because our SetPos Cloud Code Event requires a JSON attribute to be attached with it, we’ll need to use a special request called SendWithData. Here, we'll get the player's position and send it to GameSparks.

Suppose I wanted to set the position every 10 seconds. I would set up my Event like this:

Authenticate First! REMEMBER to make sure you are authenticated before sending requests to GameSparks.

Our SendWithData action looks like the following:

Formatting for JSON! Note the Double Quotes around our keys and values, this is how Construct 2 interprets a JSON string.

Now, if your Cloud Code is set up correctly, the player will have a position variable saved in their scriptData object. You can check this by calling an AccountDetailsRequest:


As we did with SetPos, for GetPos we'll set up a LogEventRequest to GameSparks. This request has no attributes associated with it, so we can use the built-in LogEventRequest action:

We have to pair this with an Event Listener that will fire when a LogEventRequest is returned to the Client: