Filtering Custom Analytics Event Keys

On a Dynamic Form, you might want to have a Chart that shows the extra data attached to the analytics event keys. Specifically, this would be a Custom Chart driven by data which is not directly accessible through the NoSQL Explorer.

Here's how you do this:

1. In the portal, go to Manage > Admin Screens.

2. Under Screen Builder, select the Charts tab.

3. Click to Add a new Chart. The new Chart page opens.

4. Enter a Short Code and Name for the new chart:

5. Click to Save and Close the new Chart. The new Chart is added to the Charts tab.

6. Click to edit the Chart:

The Chart Builder appears.

7. When you edit the Chart, you can build a query for the data the Chart will display. If you select Type in the first drop-down, you'll see your available analytics keys to the right:

8. Then click the Filter button and you should see your data options available for the selected analytics event key:

9. You can customize settings for your Chart and hit Test to see the data for that key:

In this example, we've only got one element with a count of 1 returned for the filter we configured for the custom Chart. But this illustrates the steps you need to follow to drive your custom Chart with data attached to analytics event keys!

Preview/Live Data? You can use the Preview/Live switch at the top of the page to test your chart against Preview or Live data.

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