Match Based Challenges


When you match players together, you'll have reference to other player's PlayerIDs and account variables to use in Cloud Code and use of useful platform features. One of these features is challenging matched players to a private Challenge. This combination of Matchmaking and Challenge initiation ensures players are matched up in accordance to a set of rules revolving around skill level.

Connecting the Match to the Challenge

To invite the matched up players to a Challenge:

You can test this using the Test Harness by opening multiple tabs and authenticating multiple players. Match these players up and then use the MatchDetailsRequest and CreateChallengeRequest to simulate calling them from an SDK.

Example Request

     "@class": ".CreateChallengeRequest",
     "accessType": "PRIVATE",
     "autoStartJoinedChallengeOnMaxPlayers": false,
     "challengeMessage": "Welcome to this Challenge",
     "challengeShortCode": "Trigger_Chal",
     "endTime": "2015-12-30T12:00Z",
     "expiryTime": "2015-12-30T12:00Z",
     "usersToChallenge": [

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