Communicating with Players


You'll need to be able to communicate to your players for various reasons. Maybe you want to display a daily message, inform a player of a certain promotion, or send a player a token which they can use to retrieve their password.

GameSparks offers you several ways to send messages to your players with incredible ease, flexibility, and customization:


Messages are used to notify your players with events or information. GameSparks includes many native messages such as earning a new achievement, acquiring a new highscore, or losing a position on a Leaderboard. You can customize these messages or create new ones:

Messages through Cloud Code

Cloud Code is a great way to dynamically change strings/images/values within your game in real-time to communicate with your players. Some examples:

    //Sets the IP Address for the player to retrieve
    Spark.setScriptData("serverIPAddress", "");
    //Sets message of the day to view in-game, updates realtime
    Spark.setScriptData("dayMessage", "Smile! One day until the weekend!");
    //Sets buildVersion to control who gets to access to multiplayer
    Spark.setScriptData("buildVersion", "1.7");

Using SendGrid to Send E-Mails

GameSparks comes integrated with SendGrid which gives you the ability to send E-mails to your players but make sure to save E-mails against your player for reference. For an example of how to use SendGrid for a password retention process, click here.

More Information! For more information about SendGrid, click here.

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