Multi-Stage Publishing

Sometimes it's not enough to have just PREVIEW and LIVE environments, and you may want some intermediate environment for testing before the configuration is published to LIVE. This tutorial explains how you can achieve this, and make your game more robust. The diagram below shows you how to manage your game's life cycle.

1. Firstly, we create 3 separate games (or more, if this is the case for you) - a DEV, TEST and LIVE version.

Note: Each version of the game can have unique permissions added, to it. This will allow or prevent team members from editing the content in the game's configuration for a particular stage within our life cycle. You can read more on permissions here.

2. Once your development stage is complete and you are ready for the testing stage, you can go to the Configurator > Game Overview page and create a new Snapshot within the DEV game that will be copied into the TEST game for testing:

3. When copying our DEV game's Snapshot into TEST, we select our TEST game to copy the Game Configuration and Include metadata collections (optional).

You'll notice that an "AUTOSAVE" Snapshot is automatically created on the TEST game, which saves the game's state before the copy was done. However, this is not needed because we only want the exact same state as the DEV game.

4. When testing is complete and you are ready to go LIVE, you can repeat the copy process from the TEST game to the LIVE game then publish the LIVE version of the game.

Highly Recommended! As a rule of good practice, it's highly recommended that you follow this process in the future when creating games. This helps to keep stages organized and protected from differences in the configuration between the separate stages of the game's life cycle.

IMPORTANT! If your game is Development Pricing Tier, you won't be able to publish to Live. You can upgrade your game's Pricing Tier to one that allows you to publish to Live from the Game Overview page. For details of what's included in the different available Pricing Tiers, please see our Pricing webpage.